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Alexey Loubyansky
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19:00 – 19:05
Welcome speech
Dmytro Panin, Levi9 Delivery Director, Kyiv
19:05 – 20:10
On the way to the cloud with Quarkus, Java and Graal
Alexey Loubyansky, Principal Software Engineer
Quarkus breaks stereotypes about Java applications being slow and "heavy", allowing a significant part of the traditional Java ecosystem to perform efficiently in tight containers and making Java competitive in the Cloud-native application development, including serverless. This talk explains the basic principles behind “the Quarkus way” of building and developing applications, including the new features of Quarkus 2.0.
Performance: nuance versus evidence
Sergei Tsypanov, Senior Java Developer
We consider very simple parts of the code that can be fraught with surprises and pitfalls. The talk shows how obvious improvements can degrade performance.
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• Java 11+ based microservices
• Java-based serverless applications in AWS
Java is our thing. In Levi9 Java Developers works with:
“Don’t be misled by the technical side of our work. We are primarily a creative company. The technique is the tool, the medium we use to shape our creativity.”
Pien Oosterman, CEO Levi9.
Levi9 IT Services is a European provider of software engineering services with development and delivery centers across Serbia, Ukraine, and Romania and headquarters in Amsterdam.
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